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Launched June 27, 2013
To Feel It, Is to Believe In It.

A Brief History

Emotion Detroit was a website that was created by Armand Leal and Michael Field in 2013 as a counterpart to 791zero Network. The website was created with the purpose of promoting the positive aspects of Detroit, MI. In the later part of 2014, we introduced our first original series titled “Local Business Spotlight” which features in-depth interviews with local business owners. In 2015, we introduce our next original feature “History From Detroit.” This will be our first original video series and will focus on events and places in and around the City of Detroit from the past and present

Local Business Spotlight

Developed to bring light to local business founded in and around the City of Detroit. “Local Business Spotlight” features in-depth interviews with local business owners to allow for not just a look at the businesses themselves, but at the individuals behind them as well.

History From Detroit 

An upcoming video series beginning in 2015. “History From Detroit” will take an in-depth look at events and place in Detroit. The shows will include personal reflections of what Detroit means to you, memories of such things as J.L Hudson’s, Stroh’s Brewery, Tiger Stadium, The Detroit Grand Prix, The Fireworks, and The Woodward Dream Cruise.