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Welcome to Root

Root is the main hub of everything that is connected to one another. There are various projects that Michael Field and Armand Leal have started together. The easiest way to keep them all together was to simply create a site that gives you the opportunity to see what each one is about.

With this new site we will keep you up to date with what we are working on and you will see the new ventures that we start together unfold right here. We have four sites under our belt right now, well … five if you count this one. There are many different avenues that we are going to go down. So sit back and enjoy what we have created for you.

Born Here

This site is the top dog. Root is the backbone to everything we have done. Great websites are born here.

Informative Websites

We have two outstanding websites that share media covering tech, video games and the great city of Detroit.

Rich Content

791zero Network brings you high quality HD video segments. Our design team Motion Creative Services makes them come to life.

791zero Network
791zero Network is news website that shares videos created by Michael Field and Noel Danyluk.
TypedPen is the ultimate writers social network! Authors of all kinds can connect with fellow writers and share ideas. You can also upload your portfolio to the site so you always have it with you.
Emotion Detroit
Emotion Detroit shares the positive outlook on the city of Detroit. These are articles that did not hit main stream.
Motion Creative Services
We create the presence that you deserve. We cover print, web, digital media and video production.

Beauty On The Go

Root’s websites are completely optimized across all media platforms. Phone, Tablet, PC we have you covered! In this day in age it’s likely that you will view this site on a mobile platform.